“Targeting Success In Everything We Do!”

In 2012, Coach Jason Anderson had a dream. As head coach of Allen Independent School District’s outdoor adventure program, Coach Anderson wanted to fill a giant void in the school district’s programs, clay target sports. For years Coach Anderson witnessed the benefits of clay target sports from the sidelines. He admired the students that were developing skills in a sport that they could practice and compete in for a lifetime. He marveled at unequaled maturity, discipline, respect, confidence and talent that he saw the student athletes displaying. He wanted Allen, Texas to not just participate, but to lead the way for the sport into the future. By all accounts, Coach Anderson has succeeded beyond even his wildest dreams. The Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team (“AECST”) has become a dominant force in scholastic clay target sports.

The success of AECST is not, however, a story about the success of just one person. Instead, it is the story about a group of committed students, coaches, parents and a school district. In its first four years, AECST has grown in size to over 80 athletes; male and female, from 7th graders to high school seniors; from beginners to national champions, but all bonded in the common goal of developing the skills and discipline to succeed.

“We Say We Can!”

Confucius said-

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.” At AECST, we don’t just say “we can,” we shout “we do!” The spirit, commitment and attitude of our athletes, coaches, families and supporters has allowed us to prove it where it counts, in competition. We are proud of both the number of athletes that AECST brings to each tournament, and the number of accomplishments we bring home. In addition to our many regional and tournament successes, our accomplishments at the podium on the state and national level include:​

  • 2013 SCTP Texas State Champions – Trap

  • 2014, 2021 SCTP National Champions – Sporting Clays

  • 2021 SCTP National Champions - Skeet

  • 2014 SCTP National Champions - Skeet Doubles

  • 2015 YTF Texas State Skeet Champions

  • 2015 USA YESS National Championship – International Skeet

  • 2013-2018, 2021, 2022SCTP Texas State Champions - High Overall

  • 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021 SCTP High School National Champions - High Overall

And, because every athlete, regardless of his or her skill level or experience can compete in every tournament we participate in, each and every accomplishment belongs to the team as a whole and every member shares in our success.

“We Are Family!”

We get together as a family, we practice as a family, we compete as a family, and we win as a family! Heck, let’s just say it, we are a family. And just like any other family, ours is stronger together than we are apart. No other team shows up to so many tournaments with so many athletes competing with and supporting each other. Because we are a family, everyone benefits – the athletes, the coaches, the supporters, the sponsors and the sport.