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Letterman Jackets

Student must complete all basic safety rules and training. Be able to efficiently score, pull, and run a squad in all shotgun disciplines.     Student must be on the varsity team and have shot at least 300 rounds in a one six week session in practice. Complete 300 competitive targets- 100 total targets in each discipline (trap, skeet, sporting clays)

AECST handbook/ bylaws located on under Booster club tab.  And it’s the responsibility of the parent to purchase and make arrangements directly with Balfour Dallas. The AECST board isn’t responsible for ordering.  

Balfour gives you x number of patches with the jacket as a package. Some are standard like the big A, then you pick the others you want. Tell them where you want the ones you bring with you to be placed on jacket.   The Letter A on front left chest you have to ask for shooting sports (crossed guns) to be place on it. That is if you have completed the requirements in the AECST Handbook.

Here is their email information:

1111 Belt Line Rd #102, Garland, TX 75040

(972) 495-2440

2023-24 New Recruitment Presentations:

Presented - Aug. 16, 2023

The "Shotgun" Presentation - Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP):

SCTP Program

The "Rifle & Pistol" Presentation - Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP):

SASP Program